Fall Fun with Your Dog

The weather is cooling off and leaves are beginning to fall. For many dog breeds, this time of year is their favorite time to be outside. The foliage offers new ways to play and the cooler weather means a much more pleasant time romping around without overheating. It seems that autumn is perhaps the best time get outside and bond with your dog!


Fall is a great time for camping with your pets because they will be comfortable day and night in most climates. Just don’t forget a tie-out stake or other way to keep them from wondering off and getting lost in the woods.


Football season can be a blast for dogs too! Be careful no to go to too active of an area that will scare your pet, but dogs can have a ton of fun at tailgates. Don’t forget the Frisbee!


Get out and see the fall colors and feel the cooler air by going on a hike. Remember to bring water and bowl and to take frequent breaks.

Dog Park

If you are limited on time, the dog park can be a great option. If your dog is social, they will get a chance to interact with other animals and enjoy some quality off-leash time.

Leaf Gathering

Often times you can find some really cool leaves by just altering your daily walk path a little bit. Swing by the park or hop off the sidewalk for a new adventure close to home.

Apple Picking, Pumpkin Patching

A lot of fruits are ready for harvest in the fall. When you go to pick out that award winning pumpkin to carve, bring your pet!

Coffee Shop

A coffee shop patio can be a nice place on a fall afternoon to enjoy a warm beverage outdoors. We bet your dog will love all of the attention they get if they come along.